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Update on My Ponds
Pond and Fish Pics - 2003
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Hello,,  I've done it... I've finally updated my site...  Since my last site ( a link has been provided) I have worked out many kinks, okay a few kinks..  I think I change something on my pond every spring..  This being spring three...  This spring I put in a 100 gal skippy filter for my four Koi, two Goldfish and last years babies..  These changes occurred in the big pond..  I have a 90 Gallon pond that Goldfish live in, but only from April to October.. 


I now have two ponds and a small fountain..
Pond 1 - with skippy filter is 450 gallons..  Living in this pond are Sherbert, Blue, Snubbs and Brutus - My Koi - and Charlie and Cleo - My Goldfish...  There are a few of last years babies swimming around also..  I have three lilies (types unknown), a pot of mini cattails and rush growing in this pond..  In the skippy filter I placed a cork screw rush and will also grow parrots feather in there..  Later in June I will put in some water hyacinths..  On one side of the pond is a bog garden consisting of mini cattails..  On the other side is a path to the door, however along the rocks of the waterfall I will plant mint and sedum.. My husband also left room in the rocks for some plants, I am thinking iris', haven't decided yet..
Pond 2 - Has Goldfish - I havent named them all yet.. There is the kids Goldfish, which they named Piggy...  He lived in the house all winter and now is enjoying his summer cabin so to speak.. This pond has one water lily, a varegated rush, and also some mini cattails...  Surrounding the pond is a beautiful granite bench, some yarrow, daisies, day lilies and iris'.. 
I believe my small fountain - AKA roasting pan pond - is the home of a small frog who took up residency two years ago...  I hope he is still around..  This fountain is a roasting pan stuck in the ground with a bamboo clacker running into it.. I put a pot with mint in there and it is also surrounded by day lilies...



Pond 1


Pond 2