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Update on My Ponds


Pond and Fish Pics - 2003
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Favorite Links

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On this page I'll include a list of links to other web sites that I enjoy.
This is a great site, if you ever want to make your own water garden or need information on the one you have...  Also great to learn about Koi and Goldfish


This is a site pretty new to me... However my first impressions were "I Like this Place"...  Another Watergardening site with variety and fun...

JB's Forum

Here is another great link...  A little of everything to discuss and a whole lot of fun. Also included is a discussion on Water Gardening and Ponds... 


This link is to my old ponding site... Go here if you are interested in how I began ponding or you want to see some pics of the past...

2001 Pond Site