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Welcome to My Ponds
All about My Ponds
Last summer I dreamed of a pond, so I buried an old roasting pan, planted some day lilies around it and hooked  a fish spitter to the ole pond....  That was my pond, however, the addiction grew and this spring I started out with a small 30 gallon raised pond, with a clacker on it...  I had fish but they did not survive...  So I replaced the dead fish with a lily, but was not satisfied, I wanted more...  The next step was a $89 dollar pond kit...  Kit included a 90  gallon preformed pond with Water fall, a fountain, frog spitter,  and pump...  I set it all up, moved my lily from the 30 gal to the 90.  I found a local woman who sold pond plants, (pond plants in Montana are hard to come by, unless you shop in early spring) bought some more plants, added another lily, and seven fish...  Now reality hit...  How am I going to winter the fish and plants... I only live in a three bedroom house, no garage, no basement, no room...  Solution (not to mention the addiction took hold again), I put in a 340 gallon galvanize watering trough..  I asked around and was assured I could winter  my fish and plants in this larger pond...  I must admitt the joys of having three ponds is beyond words...  My newest additions just moved in a week ago...  Freddy and Freida..  My young frogs...  However, Freddy chose to take up living quarters in the 30 gallon..  We even made Freddy and Freida a bog garden for the winter..  The following pages are pictures of my ponds...  Starting from smallest to biggest...  Enjoy and Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site...   Kristi

Ps.. I got a little carried away with the photos, you might want to just skim through....

Small pond above view
Small pond Close View Ground Level
Small Pond Distant view
Small Pond Doorway view
Small Pond Far Away view ground level
Small Pond Side above view
Fish Pond far view
Fish Pond Front view
Fish pond rhododenron View
Fish Pond top view
First Fish Pond - Now Clacker Pond (30 Gal)
Clacker Pond - Freddys New Residence
Side View of Clacker pond
Pond 1st of July
Lily Pads and Water Celery
A Bloom
more of my bloom
Very Pretty
My Bloom
Lily Pads
more Lily pads
Gold Fish
Lily Pads
Moss Roses around Pond
even more moss roses
more moss roses
Moss Rose anyone - Preformed 90 Gal
plus more moss roses
Bench plus
More of The Bench
Pond with Bench
My Bench
Before the 340 Gal
New pond - Falls - Aug
New Pond
Newest Pond with Bog by Fence
Close up of waterfall
My Fish - Feeding Time
Newest Pond - Freida's Home
Newest Pond
Close view of Boys
Our Arbor